Port Said, 6th November 1956

This painting depicts men of the 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment during Operation Musketeer, the Anglo-French invasion of Egypt in response to President Nasser’s nationalisation of the Suez Canal.

Having been dropped into action at El Gamil airfield on 5th November, 3 PARA advanced towards Port Said, engaging Egyptian forces along the coast. Lt Col Paul Crook (left), commanding 3 PARA, addresses his men next to their Willys Jeep, which has been packed with equipment. The paratroopers are dressed in Denison smocks or khaki drill (KD) shirts, and have swapped their steel helmets for their trademark berets.

In the background, paratroopers can be seen inspecting a captured SU-100 tank destroyer. Originally used by the Soviet Army in the Second World War, they were built in Czechoslovakia from the 1950s and exported worldwide.

By Ibrahim Zamir

Published by Ibrahim Zamir

Ibrahim Zamir - Junior Historian and Illustrator.

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